The applications for RIM are very extensive due to the number of polyurethane material system formulations available to mold with. Applications for RIM are usually those with low annual production volumes associated with them. Usually these can range from 200 units per year up to 20,000 units. Typical applications for RIM molding include;

RIM Molded Medical Device Enclosures

Medical Device Covers

RIM Molded Electrical Enclosures

Device or Electrical Enclosures

RIM Molded Housing Enclosures


RIM Molded Structural Parts

Structural Parts

RIM Molded Bus Bumpers


RIM Molded Panel and Door Parts

Panels & Doors

RIM Molded Heavy Equipment Steering Consoles

Heavy Equipment Consoles

RIM Molded Electronic Glass Encapsulations

Electronic/Glass Encapsulation

RIM Molded Analytical Machines

Analytical Machines

RIM Molded Recreational Vehicle Parts

Recreational Vehicles

RIM Molded Carts