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RIM Molding Experts:
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Thieme Corporation Trade Show BoothThieme Corporation (St. Charles, IL USA) was founded in 1995 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Thieme GmbH & Co. KG (est. 1960) headquartered in Teningen, Germany. Thieme offers custom reaction injection molding (RIM) of device enclosures, structural parts, housings, covers, panels, trays, bezels and doors for medical devices,analytical instrumentation and various industrial devices and machinery. We provide large format molding for the medical, agriculture, heavy equipment, automotive and transportation industries. The RIM process coupled with material systems of polyurethane (PUR) offer electronic encapsulation, insert molding, part painting, EMI shielding and high level assembly (HLA) and project management services all in house. Complete prototype and production CAD design assistance from concept to production is available for all parts including metal to plastic conversion, fiberglass or thermoformed plastic part conversion and new product applications for RIM molding.

Thieme offers our local, regional and global customer base the RIM molding, HLA and project management skills culminated over our 50 years experience in designing plastic RIM parts, tools and complete system solutions.

Frank Thieme Headshot

Frank Thieme

Managing Director, Thieme GmbH & Co KG

Michael Young Headshot

Michael Young

Sales & Marketing Manager, Thieme Corporation

Nino Mastrolonardo Headshot

Nino Mastrolonardo

Operations and Engineering Manager, Thieme Corporation

Our philosophy and commitment to our customers include:

  • Complete project management from concept to production and fulfillment
  • RIM Technology Expertise
  • Tool and Part Design Expertise
  • Responsiveness to our Customer Expectations and Market Demands
  • Continuous Productivity to increase our product quality, delivery, fulfillment and advancement of our core technological competencies
  • High degree of flexibility and adaptability as a trusted supplier