Process Comparison

Below are considerations that must be evaluated when making a molding technology decision for production. There are many factors (design intent, cost, functionality, quality) that need to be balanced when determining the most economic and qualitative method to mold your plastic application.

Your final technology choice will be based on annual volume of parts to be made, part size, tooling investment available, the parts physical properties, design factors needed and available lead times. Contact Thieme Corporation to assist in understanding the advantages, benefits and economics of making the RIM molding choice for your next product application. Thieme will guide you through evaluating RIM for the entire process from part concept to final assembly logistics on your plant floor for your next plastic application.

Process RIM Injection Thermo/Pressure FRP Structural Sheet
Comparison Metric Molding Molding Forming Fiberglass Foam Metal
Low to Medium Annual Production Runs Y N Y Y Y Y
Mold Large Parts (Single Shot) Y Y N Y Y Y
Complex 3-D Geometries Y Y Limited Y Y Y
Deep Draws Y Y w/ Limits N Y Y Y
Mold In Features (ribs, holes, slots) Y Y N W/ Limitations Y N
Self Supporting Structural Parts Y N N Y Y Y
Variable Wall Sections In The Same Part Y N N Y W/ Limitations Y Limited (Cost to Machine)
Repeatability/Reliability Y Y Limited N Y Y
Encapsulation (electronics, metals, plastics) Y Limited N Limited (Manual) Y N
Design For Both A & B sides of Part Y Y N Y Y N
Multiple Material Solutions Y Y Limited N Y N
Hold Tight Tolerances Y Y N N Y Y
Cost of Tooling $$$ $$$$$ $$ $ $$$$ N/A
Tool Change Ease Good Limited Limited Limited (Manual) Fair N/A
Tool Life Lifetime Gaurantee Limited Limited N Good N/A
Prototype & Production As One Tool Y Y Y Y Y Y
Strength to Weight Ratio Y N N N Avg N
Surface Quality & Paint Y w/ Limits Needs Paint Y Y Y w/ Limits Needs Paint Y w/ Limits Needs Paint N
Part Consolidation Possibilities Y Limited N Limited Y N
Eliminates Glued Inserts , Bosses, Assembly Aides Y Limited N N Y N